How To Create PDF Documents (For Free)

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Have you ever needed to create your own PDF documents? You probably thought that you needed Adobe’s Acrobat software to do it but when you saw the $700 price tag you cringed and gave up on the idea.

Yes, you can create PDF’s using the software but who wants to fork out that much cash when there is a perfectly functioning piece of software that can convert virtually any kind of document, image or spreadsheet into a PDF quickly and easily without spending a cent?

So put your Visa card away and download CutePDF now. The Free version is a cut down version of the Professional version but should suit the needs of most users perfectly. That said, a license for the Professional version will only cost you $50.

The software includes a User’s Guide which will guide you through using the software effectively but essentially it works by installing a new “printer” on your computer.

This is obviously not a printer that prints on sheets of paper but it instead “prints” your documents to a PDF file. All you need to do to use the software after it is installed is open the document you wish to change in to a PDF and print it to the CutePDF printer, you will then be prompted to save the PDF file to your computer, press the save button and you are done. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Any document you can physically print on paper you can convert to PDF using this method.

CutePDF is light-weight and is ad and spyware free

There are some other great options out there for free PDF writers. Here are just a few others:

Bullzip PDF Writer –

PDFill Printer –

PrimoPDF –

You can read reviews for CutePDF Writer and the other writers from Gizmo’s Freeware site.


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