RichCopy – The Answer To All Your File Copying Needs

RichCopy is a free file copying utility released on Microsoft’s TechNet as an improvement over their RoboCopy utility. Aimed at techs and Windows Power Users, this utility offers powerful options for moving or copying large amounts of data where the default Windows Explorer copy process falls in a heap. No tech should be without this handy tool in their belt.

In my years as a computer tech, I frequently have to copy or move large amounts of data between systems and other devices such as external hard drives. Usually, being lazy about it and simply copying or cutting files and directories and pasting them where they need to go.

Of course, anyone who has tried this when shifting large amounts of data, especially from one system to another, will find that it often takes huge amounts of time and quite often there are endless amounts of prompts to overwrite data, errors pertaining to destination file names being too long for Windows Explorer to handle or permission errors which leads to incomplete transfers.

I decided to go in search of a better method for shifting files around and discovered a lot of discussion about Robocopy (short for robust copy), which was built into Windows operating systems and it looked exactly like what I was after. Digging a little deeper I found that Robocopy had been improved upon by Microsoft Engineer, Ken Tamaru who released RichCopy.

There is not much point in me rewriting a description of just what this program can do as it is outlined well in the Microsoft TechNet article that you can find here, but I am kicking myself that I did not find this years ago.

So anyone who regularly has to copy large amounts of data, I strongly suggest you give RichCopy a go. I have tested it on Windows 8 and Windows 10, I am 99% certain it will also work in Windows 7 but have not had a chance to test it as yet.

You can find the download link in the TechNet article above or this is the direct download link.

Two things to note, I suggest running the utility as an Administrator and also when you first open it, go to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘Advanced’ to unlock the full power of this program.

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  1. I wouldn’t suggest to use Rich Copy because it has quite a few bugs such as it doesn’t perform file integrity check and doesn’t have a good log of the files copied. Rather I use GS Rich Copy 360 Enterprise – it is better than RichCopy and has all the extra features.

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