Backup & Access Your Entire Music Collection For Free!

If you have a large digital music collection then you’ve probably realised at one time or another that it would probably be difficult to recover if anything were to happen to your computer.

Sure, you can make local backups onto external hard drives and the like, which is fine. Until your house burns down. You could also use a cloud based backup service such as Carbonite or Dropbox but they cost money! (Unless your music collection is less than 2GB, you could use the free edition of Dropbox). Continue reading “Backup & Access Your Entire Music Collection For Free!”

Dropbox: How Did We Live Without It?

Dropbox is possibly one of the single most useful web services (besides GMail) that I have ever used. For those of you who don’t know what Dropbox is, it basically allows you to synchronise files and folders between multiple computers across any internet connection. If you install Dropbox onto 4 computers for example then any files or folders you put into the ‘Dropbox’ on one of the computers will appear in the ‘Dropbox’ of the other 3 (provided they are connected to the internet of course). Continue reading “Dropbox: How Did We Live Without It?”