8 Ways To Get Through A Boring Day

Everyone has suffered it before, long slow days at work where nothing exciting is happening, there is nothing to keep you occupied and the clock seems like it’s stuck in suspended animation. Well  I have taken the liberty to compile a quick list of time wasters for crappy work days.

Digg – It’s probably an obvious one but I thought I would add it in there, I would hate to think how many wasted hours have been spent combing through the endless amount of (mostly useless) information on Digg. I find that setting it to view the top ‘Diggs’ in the last 7 days comes up with more quality content.

StumbleUpon – For the Firefox fans. StumbleUpon is a Firefox plugin which is perfect for those times when you are sitting on your computer, bored but can’t think of anything to look at. Just hit the Stumble button and it will take you to a random website. Actually the website isn’t chosen completely at random, there is a rating system where StumbleUpon user’s or “stumblers” can rate a website with a thumbs up or thumbs down. This means you will only see pages that friends and like-minded stumblers have recommended. My favourite way to use it is to set the ‘Channel’ to YouTube and stumble through videos. Where else would you find quality entertainment like this? Beware! This can be very addictive, time and bandwidth consuming.

Reflex Calculator – The reflex test, this one doesn’t really need much explaining. All you have to do click your mouse as quickly as you can after the red box on the screen turns green. Constantly trying to improve your time can become a little addictive, be warned. My average was 275.5 milliseconds and according to the site the average reaction time from all the data collected is 215 milliseconds. God damn it.

Wikitrails – What the hell is a Wikitrail I hear you say? Well Urban Dictionary defines it “To follow a trail of links on Wikipedia from one article to another, usually leading to an article that is completely unrelated to the original search subject.” How many times have we all done that?

You might be wondering where the fun in that is. Well if you pick a starting article like this one about Distributed element filters and an ending article like this one on Extraterrestrial real estate and then only using the links in the starting article and the links from any resulting articles start trying to make your way to the ending article. The good thing about this self-set challenge is you may even learn some things along the way. By the way, my example above may be a little difficult so if you attempt it and are successful let me know!

Tower Defense – Tower defense games have become very popular lately. The goal of a tower defense game is to stop enemies from crossing the playing field by building towers that shoot at them as they pass. Enemies and towers tend to have different attributes and abilities, once you have cleared all of the enemies you are rewarded with points which you can use to upgrade your towers to prepare for the next wave on enemies! Check this site out for a whole ton of different tower defense games.

Start a blog!

Read Bash – bash.org is an archive of mostly hilarious chat logs from IRC. I think I managed to waste about an hour and a half one day reading some of the hilarity that is bash.

Webcomics – Check out some of these webcomics:

and if those aren’t enough here is a whole list of webcomics dating all the way back to 1986!

I hope this makes your day go by a bit quicker and I also look forward to hearing about your favourite ways to pass time. Please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading.

– Ben

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