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Hello readers!

I’ve just installed WordPress and decided to begin my very own Blog.  So the big question is, why did I decide to write a blog in the first place?

Well, there is no single answer but I will mention a few things that inspired me. The first and probably the primary reason is that I seem to have a lot of spare time! Most of this time is spent doing a lot of non-constructive things like watching TV or playing the X-Box 360 (I am playing Modern Warfare 2 at the moment).

Secondly, I thought it might make for an interesting social experiment, to see how many (or how little) people are actually interested in what I have to say.

Thirdly, I currently work a very boring job which generally involves me sitting in front of a computer trying to look busy for eight and a half hours a day, Monday to Friday. There are occassional moments of excitement but in this time I have read a lot of other blogs, spent a lot of time on YouTube and I am continually discovering new and interesting things from all around the internet that I think are worth sharing. A lot of the time it is harder trying to look busy than it is to be actually doing work! So hopefully this will give me a good chance to pass the time when there is absolutely nothing to be done at work.

Enough of the why’s. The second big question is what is going to be in this blog?

The answer, well; I am not entirely sure to be honest. Something I have seen written time and time again in other articles about starting blogs is to “pick a topic and stick with it”, I am sure there is a great reason for this but in my arrogance I have decided to completely ignore this obviously popular advice and just write about what ever the hell I feel like.

I have interests and knowledge in the IT industry, as my current job is as an IT Technician. I am an amateur web-designer with general skills in PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL and Photoshop. I like taking photos and have had a brief stint selling stock photography.

Another of my passions is aviation. I am currently training for my Recreational Pilot’s License. So there may be the odd photograph or video of my flying adventures.

So I hope that this gives you an idea as to what you can expect to see in this blog.

Now I did plan on keeping this a lot shorter than this so as not to bore you to death before you’ve read the whole thing. That would make for a terrible start to my blogging career.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more occassional ramblings!

– Ben

2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Excellent mate! I don’t speak Spanish at all so I’m thankful for Google translate! I am glad you enjoyed my blog and thank you for the comment.

    Excelente compañero! Yo no hablo español a todos, así que estoy agradecido por Google Translate! Me alegro de que haya disfrutado de mi blog y gracias por el comentario.

    I hope that is right! 🙂

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