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Have you ever come across a video on the internet that you wanted to keep? Perhaps you want to download it on to your mobile phone so you can show your friends later without having to stream it from the internet again.

YouTube and most video streaming websites like that do not allow you to download any of their videos, you have to have internet access and chew up your bandwidth every time you want to watch the same video, unless it is cached but let’s not get smart about it. This article will explain how to quickly and easily download YouTube videos and embedded movies from other websites too.

KeepVid is a cool free service offered on the website requires that you enter the URL link to the video you wish to download into the URL box at the top of the page and click on the ‘Download’ button. (See image below)

KeepVid supports streaming video downloads from the following websites: YouTube, MegaVideo, Flickr, Dailymotion, Facebook, Google Video, Vimeo, Metacafe, Photobucket, eHow, TED, TwitVid, Ning, Current,,, Break and Tudou.

Once you have clicked ‘Download’ the website may prompt you to run a Java app, you must allow this to continue. Don’t worry it is all safe. Once you accept the Java prompt you have the option of downloading the video in various formats including .3gp, flv and mp4.

If you plan on putting the video onto a mobile device such as a phone I would suggest using the .3gp format otherwise use .mp4 for better quality. You can also download it in flash format which is the .flv extension, if you can’t play .3gp or .flv file formats on your computer I recommend downloading VLC Player which is available here. Select your desired format and click on the ‘Download’ button.

The KeepVid website will process the video file for you and present you with a download link. Download the file and voila, the video is all yours.

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  1. I do really need to get this scrpit. But, I think i am late. How can I get a working download link? can you please make it functional on your site?

  2. Thanks everyone, I have now fixed the Hotspot issue by retesting the Network Settings and FINALLY have the number/name issue resolved using the Settings >> General >> About trick so I am very happy that everything is at least working normally again APN settings still can’t been done on your phone directly but nothing stopping you from configuring those using the iPhone configuration Utility no?! One thing I am still finding is that when you use MAPS to navigate somewhere, you go beyond step 1 of the instructions and then back to edit the destination address turns into an unknown location ODD(bengels has made 2 comments)

  3. Keepvid maybe the an easy way to download YouTube videos, But to download YouTube videos with this site, it will ask you to “download Java” to your computer. In comparison of these youtube downloading sites or free apps, I would choose Acethinker Video Downloader, it’s a free web-based application, you don’t have to download or install anything.

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