How To Proxy: Use Free Proxy Servers To View Restricted Websites

Sometimes websites ban or make unavailable some of their content to people in certain countries. This is often done because of copyright laws. In this article I will explain how to use a free proxy server service to bypass these restrictions.

Video sites such as Hulu and television stations use this on their online video streams. For example the BBC only allows people from the UK to view their catch up television shows online.

In my case I was looking for guitar tablature for Led Zeppelin’s classic, Stairway to Heaven only to be presented with a “Blocked Tablature” page and an error that read: “This tablature has been made unavailable in your country at the request of the rights owner.” I had viewed this tab heaps of times before but for some reason they only just decided to ban people from outside the US from viewing it!

So I went to the “Hide My Ass” website, which is a totally free anonymous proxy service, copied the URL for the tab page I was trying to view into the form and clicked “Hide My Ass” and you can see the results below!

As you can see above, the error message is gone and in it’s place is the content I was after! If you come across any kind of similar problems, no matter what website it is you can use this method to try and bypass the restrictions. Proxy’s work by hiding your IP address so the website at the other end can’t tell what country you are from. Although I don’t condone it’s use and it’s your responsibility to deal with the consequences that may arise from using this article for ill-mannered intentions.

There are many other proxy services out there too, not just HideMyAss although I did find that one the easiest to use. Just Google “Free Proxy” and you will find a ton of information on other services too!

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