How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 7

There have been a lot of times I have been asked how to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 in order to revert back to Internet Explorer 6. Often for webapp compatibility issues or even personal preference. At first it is not obvious as most times IE7 is not listed in the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ list under your control panel. Fortunately there is a very quick and easy way to revert back to IE6 using a Run command.

All you need to do is click on your Start button and go to Run or hold the ‘Windows Key’ down and press ‘R’. In the run dialogue box type the following:


Press ‘OK’. An uninstaller will appear and you should be able to follow it through to uninstall IE7. After the computer restarts Internet Explorer 6 should be restored.

That’s all there is to it!

To solve your Internet Explorer 7 woes you could also consider installing Firefox. 😉

On a completely unrelated note today is my 24th birthday, yay!

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