Internet Explorer 9: An Overview

Microsoft is currently working on developing the next installment of Internet Explorer. The beta of the 9th version of Internet Explorer will be released on the 15th of September. Apparently development began not long after Internet Explorer 8 was released and suggestions for features were taken from users using Microsoft Connect.

The primary reason for the next version is to incorporate support for the new HTML5 standard, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and XHTML. It also boasts an improved JScript engine known internally as Chakra. From what I can source from the internet it will also have complete support for CSS3 as well which is great news for web designers.

Microsoft has created a web site which allows you to view some of the new features and essentially ‘test drive’ IE9.

Below is a list of great articles that explain the benefits of new features and IE9 supported standards:

2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 9: An Overview”

  1. Internet Explore 9 yeah, great it was outdated before it even came out,I highly recommand everyone to use !ANY! other browser except internet explore, its the slowest, least secure, hardest to use browser of them all.

    The only thing wherefore I would possibly use it is to download google chrome, firefox or any other browser you want.

  2. This article is quite old now, but yes I would agree with you now lol. I used to use Firefox but have now moved onto Chrome which I prefer over any other browsers.

    It pays to change things up every now and then!

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