Promoting Your Blog On Facebook: The Nuts & Bolts Guide

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This morning I decided to dive into a bit of promotion in social media. I have quite a bit of content now and thought it was time I started putting some serious thought into generating some more traffic. My first choice for advertising in social media was Facebook, no suprises there right?

I did have a bit of trouble figuring out how to get my blog articles feeding on to my brand new Facebook page and I am assuming if you are reading this article you have intentions to promote your website on Facebook as well, if this is the case then please read on because if you know as little as I did about it when I started then this article will save you a lot of frustration.

The Idea

The idea that I had in my head was simple. I wanted the posts that I published on The Daily Grind to appear as wall posts on a Facebook page. The wall posts on the Facebook page would need to contain the title of the article as a link and a small excerpt of the article as a description below. The title link;  when clicked on would take the user to the full article and Bob’s your auntie! More traffic for me.

Even though the concept was simple, the execution proved a little frustrating but after much stuffing about I finally managed it. You can see the final result on The Daily Grind’s brand-spanking new Facebook page. (Become a fan, you know you want to *nudge*)

Creating the Page

First things first, I had to create a Facebook page. This was the easy part. All you need to do is go to Facebook’s Page Creation page and create a Community Page. I already had my own personal Facebook account so I didn’t need to sign up but if you don’t have a Facebook account already you may need to register.

I whipped up a logo to upload to the page and filled out the description and other details.

Once you have your page looking pretty it’s time to get to the RSS feed.

Linking your blog’s RSS Feed to your Facebook page

This was the part that gave me the most trouble, it was very difficult finding a Facebook application that was good enough to pull the articles from my RSS Feed and display them on the Facebook page. After a lot of searching and swearing I finally came across an awesome one that did exactly what I wanted. Presenting NetworkedBlogs your answer to Facebook integration with your blog.

Once you install this application on Facebook you will need to choose 5 different blogs to ‘follow’ in order to continue the setup. This is no big deal, there are no sign up forms or anything. Choose 5 blogs to follow and then register your own blog. You will then need to verify your ownership of the blog you registered by posting a small widget on your blog page. Once you have verified your blog you may remove the widget.

Inside the configuration settings for the application you must provide the link to your RSS feed and the NetworkedBlogs app will import it for you automatically. Finally you need go to your ‘Syndication Settings‘ and click on the Configure button next the name of the page you wish to publish your blog articles to, check the ‘Auto-Publish blog posts to Page Wall’ and you are set to go. You may also publish a test post using the button there too.

For more detailed instructions on setting up NetworkedBlogs on your page make sure you take a look at their help page.

So far that is all I have got, hopefully this whole Facebook thing pays off in terms of web-traffic, I will be sure to let you all know. In the mean time throw a ‘Like’ my way on the DG Facebook page ;).

Thanks for reading.

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