Super Simple Way To Fix A Slow iPhone

Here is another real quick tip for all you iPhone user’s out there. Seen as though you internet-types these days have an attention span of about three seconds I will cut straight the point!

After a while your iPhone may seem to bog down and not run quite as well as it should, the following steps are a very quick and simple way of possibly improving performance.

Let me iterate that this fix significantly improved the responsiveness of my iPhone 4, mileage may vary for other users.

On your iPhone go to:

1. Settings > Safari > Clear History

2. Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data

3. Settings > Safari > Advanced > Web Site Data > Remove All Website Data

Note that the third step will cause the phone to forget any passwords you have ‘remembered’.

Other obvious measures you can take are closing down open apps which may be running in the background by double-tapping the Home button on the phone, holding your finger down on the app icons that appear in the lower bar until the red ‘-‘ sign appears, close the apps by tapping on the ‘-‘.

Also, check that your phone is running the latest version of IOS by updating it via iTunes on your PC.



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  1. You no longer need iTunes to upgrade your IOS. Just do it on your phone. Go to
    Setting, General, Software Update.

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