Starcraft 2: The Complete Noob’s Guide

A list of resources for Starcraft 2 beginners.

A good list of resources for Starcraft 2 Beginners at the end of the article.

After playing through the (thoroughly impressive) Starcraft 2 campaign lately I decided that I was ready to give multiplayer a go. So I fired it up, logged into my trusty account and joined the practise league. The addition of an unranked practise league was a pleasant suprise as I had a sneaking suspicion that my Win/Loss ratio would be well in the negative range after a few games.

I decided to stick with the Terran as I was already familiar with their units from the campaign missions. I was paired up with ‘Nathan’. As the timer ticked over and the game began Nathan informed me that this was his first time online and that I should go easy on him. Needless to sayI was wiped off the map in less than 25 minutes by a giant fleet of Motherships. My poor 50 or so strong batallion of Marines didn’t stand a chance.

I think Nathan may have been a bit dishonest or maybe he was just an RTS natural or Korean or something. Feeling a bit disgraced I moved on to another game. In an effort to prevent the same thing from happening again I concentrated a bit more on air defense but the next game only lasted 15 minutes after another so-called ‘first-timer’ sent a column of Siege Tanks through my base.

This brings me to my first piece of advice. Starcraft has a replay feature. Use it! If you get completely annihilated make sure you save the replay and watch it back. This way you can see exactly what your opponent did to get himself in a position to completely trample your inferior efforts.

I have been finding it difficult to keep up the pace. Once my base grows larger I find it hard to keep tabs on what units I have, what to spend my hard earned vespene gas and minerals on, building my defenses and trying to apply pressure to my opponents all at the same time. I am getting better though and I have compiled a helpful list of links for ‘noobs’ that include tips and strategies for people like me and if you have read this far I am assuming you as well.



Still related to Starcraft but not so much to beginners is this website that I found earlier which I found a bit extraordinary. A Berkely course on the theory and strategy of Starcraft. WTF?

If you are a gamer and you haven’t got this in your collection yet then what are you waiting for? Amazon is currently offering an excellent price on the game so head over there and get yourself a copy today. [Link]

(The price at writing of this article was $59.99 US and well worth every cent!)

If you found this article useful please leave me a comment or discuss your own strategies and links in the comments as well, sharing is caring!

For a detailed and comprehensive guide to the art of Starcraft II be sure to check out the Shokz Starcraft II Strategy guide as well.

In the mean time I will keep practising against my house mate who fortunately, is just as noob as I am…

See you on the battlefield!

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  1. Thanks for the comment and for providing me with some quality Starcraft information.

    Hope to see you back again!
    – Ben

  2. > I think Nathan may have been a bit dishonest or maybe he was just an RTS natural or Korean or something.

    I played my first game yesterday against somebody called Snake, also in the practice league. I’d watched lots of movies from Husky from diamond league and up so I was basically familiar with how they play & what kinds of things to expect. I did expect to get fully overrun as I never could get any wins in SC1 and hadn’t taken the time to even find out how some parts of my race (Protoss) worked – I discovered halfway through the game how blink actually works. I still overran his base (also Protoss) with a massive stalker army though, at about the 18 minute mark. I took until about 12 minutes to find out that I wasn’t about to get completely overrun unlike my expectation. After breaking out I then set out to find his base to find out how the ratio between us was only to find out he hadn’t expanded yet.

    If you’re a noob reading this, watch a few dozen replays from high league and lower league players. You’ll start to see that it’s not impossible at all. The 300 apm is not feasible until you know what things to do – doing sensible things is more important than doing lots of things.

  3. how old is this article, there can only be one mothership on the field at a time!!!!!!!!

    For reference there probably wasn’t 25 motherships, nathan was just using the high-templar ability “hallucination”. They can soak up lots of enemy fire if positioned properly!

    Much Fail! 🙂

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