Terraria: So Addictive It Turns Minutes Into Hours

Once in a while you come across a game that is so much fun to play that you just can’t put it down. I recently came across the title Terraria which was produced by a small team of programmers a couple of months ago this game has quite often been the reason for some really late nights.

Recently I have been making a return to indy games and moving away from the more serious titles that I usually play like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Starcraft and I am glad I found Terraria.

It is the kind of game you sit down to play for 5 minutes but end up playing for hours. A word of warning, if you get addicted to video games easily approach this one with caution because you might end up wasting away glued in front of your computer screen! Continue reading “Terraria: So Addictive It Turns Minutes Into Hours”