Thoughts of a new blogger

Ponderings after the first week of my blogging career.

I am onto day 6 of running my very first blog and I must admit that it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. After spending the morning reading about blogging for beginners and blogging tips etc I am suprised at the amount of blogs there are that are about blogging and there is certainly no shortage of people offering their two cents worth about how a blog should be run.

I have found the process of reading and trying to take in all of this advice very daunting and there is a lot of contradicting articles on the subject, which says to me that it would perhaps be best to keep some of the advice in the back of my mind but ultimately pursue this blogging thing in my own way.

The hardest part so far is knowing whether or not my efforts are worthwhile, having so far no feedback or comments on any of my posts and a very sick looking hit count (I think it stands at around 40 visits, most of which are probably from myself anyway :)). I know this is to be expected from any start up blog or any type of website for that matter. I can see how people could easily be discouraged and lose faith in the idea that their blog was a good idea in the first place.

Hopefully in time I will be able to share my own advice on starting a blog from scratch with no previous experience but until I have the experience I am certainly in no position to start telling other people what they should and should not do when creating a blog.

Although I have learnt one thing already. Do not let advice articles about blogging discourage you too much. Especially the ‘blogging is not for everyone’ type articles that try to imply that if you don’t keep your blog up to date or strive for original content all of the time then you should not even bother or if you think you don’t have very good communication skills people are not going to be interested in your blog. What better way to improve your communcation skills than to write a blog?

Most of the time articles like this end trying to sell you e-books on ‘Delivering Killer Blog Content’ or ‘Successfully Monetizing Your Blog In 3 Easy Steps’, I think a lot of these articles are designed in such a way as to make you doubt your own abilities so you feel the need to buy these types of products in order to improve.

In my opinion if you want to start a blog and share your ideas and knowledge, go for it! Why not? What is the worst that could happen?

I plan on posting my Google Analytics report at the end of the month for anyone who is interesting in seeing what the traffic on a month old blog looks like.

Thanks for reading.

– Ben

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